Update: 16:32 GMT - thứ tư, 6 tháng 7, 2011

Floods Mekong watershed remains high

9:10 | 26/10/2011

Water levels on the Vam Co Tay at Moc Hoa change slowly, at 7 pm on 23/10 is 2.78 m, on three alarms: 0.38 m.

Forecasts, in five days, the water level upstream Mekong, Dong Thap Muoi and Long Xuyen quadrangle continued slow and variable rate remains high.

On 27/10, the highest water level on the Tien River in Tan Chau at 4.70 m, on alarm 3: 0.20 m; on the Hau River in Chau Doc at 4.25 m, on three alarms: 0 , 25m; at the infield of the main station in Dong Thap Muoi and Long Xuyen quadrangle at an alarming rate and on alert 3 from 0.2 to 0.5 m 3; on the Vam Co Tay at Moc Hoa at 2.8 m , on alarm 3: 0.4 m.

By the end of October, will appear downstream storm surges to new peak at high tide; therefore, necessary to prevent flood peak at the main station on the Tien and Hau rivers, such as Long Xuyen, Can Tho and My Thuan, high Consul, My Tho, etc. ... have equal ability and higher flood peak late September 2011.

Floods Mekong River watershed, the Plain of Reeds, Long Xuyen quadrangle capable of maintaining the alarm to the first half of November 3; should actively deep flood inundation lasted several days.

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